Visit Lisbon

The TRYP Lisboa Oriente is an excellent place to start a historical journey through Lisbon. Experience the hustle and bustle of what has been named the fourth most scenic city in the world.

Start with the historical hub, by discovering the charm of Lisbon’s picturesque areas such as Alfama and Lapa, and taking in monuments classified as world heritage sites by Unesco. Walk down to Baixa-Chiado and Rossio, and then visit the Rua Augusta Arch or the Santa Justa Elevator and admire the magnificent panoramic view over Lisbon.
Take advantage of the sunny city and enjoy a refreshing ice cream at Praça do Comércio, Lisbon’s most splendid square with shops and esplanades facing the River Tagus.

On your way back to the hotel, don’t forget to visit Avenida da Liberdade, where you can go shopping for luxe designer goods or just enjoy a drink at the end of the day to the sound of the music from the esplanades which hark back to the 19th Century kiosks which used to stand there.

Discover the new life that thrives at Lisbon’s ancient markets, at Alcântara or Campo de Ourique Markets, where you can enjoy the most delicious delicacies to the sound of background music, and where the emphasis is on socialising.

Go out and enjoy Lisbon’s nightlife, where there is so much to do you are sure to have a magical night. Get clued up on Lisbon’s history at Castelo de S. Jorge or discover the centre of cultural diversity in Bairro Alto, where life is lived in the historical streets, and then go down to the bars at Cais do Sodré. If you want a livelier night, go and have fun at Discoteca Lux Frágil, with its amazing veranda, and find your favourite musical style somewhere along the 3 different floors.

Lisbon is the perfect destination for a complete trip. You can enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches with extensive sandy shores where you can play various different sports, or just relax and enjoy the areas of protected landscape or traditional neighbourhoods. The best of Lisbon is its cultural diversity. Come and visit Lisbon!

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Lisbon is a city of exquisite light.
The Tagus and the almost constant sun turn the Portuguese capital into a mirror of colour, reflecting the architectural beauty and uniqueness of the city.
Legend has it that Lisbon was founded by Ulysses. The names comes from "Olissipo", a word which in itself has its roots in the Phoenician words "Allis Ubbo', meaning "charming port".
It is more likely that Lisbon was founded by the Phoenicians and built in the Moorish style, which can clearly be seen in the strong Arab influences. Indeed, the Moors ruled the city for 450 years.
In the 12th Century, the Christians took Lisbon back, although it only became Portugal’s capital in the 13th Century.

At the start of the Age of the Discoveries, Lisbon became rich by dint of being a major centre for the jewel and spice trades.
However, the great leap forward for Portuguese expansion came in 1498, when Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India. This heralded the start of the city’s Golden Age, characterised by the Manueline style of architecture, – whose name comes from the monarch of the time, D. Manuel I – typically featuring maritime motifs.
Lisbon expanded and grew naturally over the centuries. Later on, when the centre of the city was almost completely devastated by the 1755 earthquake, the Marquis of Pombal took charge of its reconstruction, and created the so-called Baixa Pombalina, the commercial district which has retained most of its original look.

Lisbon is a historic capital, a potpourri with an uncommon character and charm, where 800 years of different cultural influences are mixed in with the latest trends and lifestyles, creating truly unforgettable contrasts.
With its many charms, Lisbon is calling! We’ll be expecting you!