The motto of the world exposition, “The oceans, a heritage to be preserved”, formed the basis of the three television advertisements to promote the event: “Babies”, “Peoples” and “The oceans”.

The films were shot in the Red Sea and in Lisbon, where post-production was carried out. Even today the figures are impressive: production alone cost around 200,000,000 escudos (around 1 million euros).

The television advertisements were a success, both in Portugal and in the European markets where they were aired.

All communications, both domestic and external, were created by Euro RSCG Lisboa. The agency’s response to the advertising tender for the Exposition was an integrated communication strategy for the two years prior to Expo’98, as well as for the months during which the event ran.

One year before Expo’98 opened its doors we saw the first TV advertisements: babies swimming underwater. Images as surprising as they were emotional, which were immediately enthusiastically received by audiences.

“Peoples” was the Exposition’s second advertisement. People from all four corners of the world walked underwater towards Expo’98, conveying the multicultural richness of the world and the idea of how together we can protect the oceans.

The last advertisement, “The oceans”, was launched closer to the start of Expo’98. It was the result of a new montage of the scenes previously filmed.

“What we wanted was to create a mood, an emotional atmosphere which would be favourable to the World Exposition”, recalls António Mega Ferreira, the Executive Commissioner of Expo’98.